Board of Directors

The management of the company is undertaken by a Board of seven unremunerated Directors, comprising four Fellows of the Association and three Lay Members:

Managing Director: Mr P H Rowe (ASGBI Honorary Treasurer)
Surgical Member: Mr R Greatorex (ASGBI Trustee)
Surgical Member: Mr T Lees
Surgical Member: Mr J L Duncan (Past Honorary Treasurer)
Lay Member: Mr S Rimmer (a Lawyer)
Lay Member: Mr R Butterfield (an Accountant)
Lay Member: Mr M Bustard (a Management Consultant)

Additionally, there are two non-executive members of the Board:

Company Secretary: Mrs M Towes (ASGBI Deputy Chief Executive)
Chief Executive: Dr N P Gair (ASGBI Chief Executive)

The Board meets formerly once a month. All Directors are volunteers and claim for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses according to the Association’s established policy. This has been ratified by the Association’s Council, to whom the Board of Directors report.